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Brand Story

About Meawow

In a world that moves at a fast pace, technology seems to be ahead of time and keeps inviting us to put in a “now” the things that we imagined would come later. It is not surprising that, the speed at which the world moves, makes us forget some important things along the way and, precisely there is where MEAWOW was born, to build a bridge between those two things; an oasis created by designers, engineers and visionaries filled with futuristic ideas and the warmth of home.

A group of talents from different parts of the world and, with experience in various areas, have -since 2014- taken on the task of mixing the best available technology with the most efficient materials and wrapping everything in delicate minimalist designs that adapt to any space and flow through time to accompany you and take care of you along the way.

Time continues to present challenges and, with those, come opportunities to remember that the most important things we have are within; within our families, our communities, our homes.