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Dec 13,2021 | Meawow

The elegance of a minimalist design meets the efficiency of technology in personal care areas, this combination give us a pool of increasingly smart-home devices for our favorite spaces. Articles that not only adapt to our personal style but also considerably improve our lifestyle through innovations carefully designed for the well-being of those who matter most to us.

We cannot talk about “today” without mentioning one of the factors that has changed the course of humanity as we know it. The global virus that has affected so many people in the last couple of years has also invited us to reflect on our habits, our routine and, above all, it has led us to pay attention to all those things that we previously ignored or take for granted. The new normal we like to call it.

Available now is the new member of the MEAWOW family, a sterilizer machine that, we believe, adjusts perfectly to our new normal. Composed of 3 sterilization and sanitation systems in one, and crafted with 3 different compartments for various types of articles and, of course, a smart control center that will adapt to your needs.

But, what do we mean by sterilization?

With an effectiveness of 99.9% of bacteria elimination this device packs a highly-efficient 3 way sterilizati

process .                                                                                             

  • UV disinfection
  • Ozone sterilization
  • Temperature bacteria breakdown (pasteurization)

This trio of functions guarantees a high degree of cleanliness for all types of products that interact with us in our day to day and, aesthetically, it’s fluid and elegant design allows us to place it in any room or space.

There is nothing that gives us more security than having the certainty that our actions can guarantee the health of those we love the most and, now, technology has become an ally when seeking to reach said security with greater efficiency and in record time!