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Do you really know the humidity of your living environment?

Sep 30,2021 | Meawow

Troubles of high humidity in your homes

Humidity is all about air and air is everywhere. When unregulated, it can be an uncomfortable and unavoidable part of life depending on where you live. Many people view humidity as a minor discomfort, and only few are aware of the long-term problems it can cause for homeowners and families.

High humidity areas can increase the possibility of mold growth. Mold thrive in moist and warm environments; homes with high humidity levels makes the ideal environment for most kinds of mold. Having mold in your house reduces indoor air quality and may cause potential health issues, especially for people with allergies and respiratory issues like asthma. High humidity can also cause water damage to your space; wood, ceramic tiles, and other home materials can be affected and, sometimes, permanently ruined.

Signs of high humidity
To avoid these potential problems, you would need proper ventilation in areas where moisture would build up. Having a reliable indoor humidity monitor (indoor hygrometer thermometer humidity monitor) can help you regulate this. 

Here are some useful tips on how to visibly detect a potential threat:

1. Check to see if you have condensation forming on your windows throughout the day. Constant condensation is highly unusual and it is even more alarming if it happens often.
Stale or musty smell on your furniture and clothing can be a sign of high humidity levels at home, therefore, a growing mold spores floating in the environment.
2. Check out your warping wood or floors, since it could be mistaken as a byproduct of water or flood damage and not gradual degradation because of humidity exposure.
3. If you’re looking to regulate home humidity, here you can find the best digital hydrometers in 2021 for home temperature and humidity monitoring with Electronic ink display. Protect your family!